New York

New York Brown Trout Fishing interactive Map and other info

There are quite a few options for trout fishing in New York. Many areas are right near some pretty large cities. Most Trout in the state of New York are stocked fish. They stock many rivers heavily each spring. Although its surely not the same as catching wild trout, Sometimes I guess you gotta fish for what there is.

stocking a river in new york with trout

New York State Department of Environmental Conservation photo

If you live in this type of area you still need to catch fish. If you are really hardcore you can go here and see where the fish have been stocked in the state of New York. It has a list of all of the stocking activity categorized by the county.

Wild Trout Streams in New York

For some anglers, there is nothing finer than catching a brilliantly colored wild trout. Fisherman have a pretty decent opportunity to catch wild brown, brook and rainbow trout in western New York, especially in Cattaraugus and Wyoming Counties. Here you will find a list of streams with wild trout in the State of New York.

USGS Up to date water level data for your favorite New York Trout stream here


Battenkill River

43.085689651412274, -73.31073760986328

The Batten Kill is an all-year fishery. Cold springs provide cool water throughout the summer months. It has not been stocked since 1971, and wild browns and brook trout do quit well , some reaching 12 or more inches long. Wild browns and brook trout make this a popular spot.

Upper Hudson River

43.84096542501515, -74.18981552124023

The main species in the upper stretches are brown, brook, and rainbow trout along with the occasional small mouth bass. The upper Hudson is often accessed in the Town of Indian Lake.

Allegeny State Park

42.03157178245445, -78.85565757751465

This is one of the places in western NY where you have a shot of catching wild trout. Although small there are brooks and brown trout here. There is lots of public access as well since its a state park. Numerous small streams in the area provide a lot of opportunity.

Genesee River NY

43.11426733152753, -77.65668869018555

One of the most popular and heavily stocked streams in the region.